Social Compliance Policy



To adhere to national, local and international rules and company principles.


By providing employment freedom to our employees without forced labor, In recruitment and employees are not asked to give a guarantee, without requiring involuntary overtime obligation, adhering to the working hours legislation, respecting the right to meeting, unionization and collective bargaining.


Not to terminate or retire based on social class, national origin, religion, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual preferences, political relations in terms of recruitment, compensation, access to education, promotion among our employees.


Without allowing any kind of harassment, humiliation, psychological and physical pressure, humiliation against employees.


In our activities, all kinds of behaviors that cause inequality of opportunity, including among employees, such as bribery and favoritism, in accordance with the law or applying to the legal authorities in the treatment with the necessary penalties.


As a requirement of our sensitivity to customer satisfaction, with our basic principle, necessary actions including product recall and reprocessing in order to eliminate dissatisfaction in defective products.


          To ensure that the social responsibility system is permanent with regular audits in order to adapt to changing conditions with the philosophy of continuous improvement strategy.


Görsel Reklam undertakes to fulfill its conscientious, moral and legal requirements regarding social responsibility issues.